Unlike the majority of music bands that experience a few changes over time, Fleetwood Mac is among the few that witnessed stylistic (radical) changes.  From the beginning in the late 1960s, the band was put together as a British blues combo. Over a ten-year period, it underwent an evolution into a proper rock or pop group. Throughout these changes, the two consistent members of the band were Mick Fleetwood (a drummer) and John McVie (a bassist). Initially, Jeremy Spencer and Peter Green served as the guitarists of the group; however, when both of them went down with a mental illness, Fleetwood Mac started exploring the rock or pop genre, in collaboration with Christine McVie, a pianist.

When the band moved to California in the mid-70s, Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, who are experts in the soft rock genre, joined them. One factor that made Fleetwood Mac become one of the most famous bands in the 1970s rapidly was their obsession with a carefully composed pop of the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and Buckingham. In 1977, their album, Rumors, became among the best-selling music albums of all time.

Through the early 1980s, Fleetwood Mac remained popular until Christine McVie, Buckingham and Nicks started their careers. In the album, Tango in the Night, the group reunited in 1987, before they spilled later. When Buckingham left the band after Tango in the Night was completed, he was replaced with Rick Vito and Billy Burnette, who are both guitarists. While mixed reviews trailed the release of this album, it sold very fast and generated the Top 20 hits including Everywhere, Little Lies, and Seven Wonders.

In 1990, the band’s new line-up released their first album, Behind the Mask, and was the first music album of Fleetwood Mac since 1975 that wasn’t a success story. In the wake of the supporting performance of the album, Christine and Nicks McVie declared they would keep making recordings with the band, but will not be involved in touring. Between the 1990s and 2000s, the group experienced some ups and downs, and some members also left.

When a spell that lasted for three nights was ongoing in September 2013 in O2 in London, Christine was seen with the band for the first time in one decade and a half. In early 2014, Fleetwood Mac announced that Christine was joining Fleetwood Mac again. Then, they started making a new album.due to their personal (solo) projects and world tour; there was a delay in the release of this album.

During the 2015 holidays, they launched a Super Deluxe re-issue of their past album, Tusk. This was followed by a Deluxe re-issue of another recent music album, Mirage. Furthermore, in 2017, Tango in the Night was also re-issued. Another music album of Fleetwood Mac was upgraded in the early part of this year.However, the most dramatic recent event that took place concerning the band was the recording of a duet album by both McVie and Buckingham in 2017.