In the summer of 1995, the very first album of Foo Fighters was singlehandedly written as well as recorded by Dave Grohl, who is the band leader.Then, he was an influential drummer for Nirvana, an American rock band. Foo Fighters was formed in 1994 in Seattle, Washington D.C. and has survived for more than two decades when some other groups, who had started big, broke up after scoring a couple of hits. But this American rock band enjoyed some successes with their shows held internationally and stayed on top of the charts through the new millennium. Wasting Light was the Foo Fighters’ first number 1 music album, released in the US in 2011. This development showed people that the members of the band were survivors and had earned huge, loyal follower ship mainly through hard work.

Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters

In the 1990s, instead of starting a solo career, Dave Grohl chose to create a band. He met Nate Mendel through his wife. Mendel was the bassist for Sunny Day Real Estate. Before the duo both met, Sunny Day Real Estate’s leader, Jeremy Enigk, quit the group because of his conversion to Christianity. This led to the break-up of the band. When Nate Mendel became a member of Foo Fighters, William Goldsmith, the drummer of Sunny Day Real Estate, also joined the rock band. Pat Smear, who was previously a guitarist with Nirvana and Germs, also became part of the group.

The debut album of Foo Fighters had the of solo recordings of Grohl. Upon its release in July 1995, it became an instant hit in the US and got certified platinum in America in 1996. The band did an extensive tour throughout 1996 to support the album. In collaboration with Gil Norton, a music producer, the band started recording its next album. During the recording sessions, there was a crack in the group as Goldsmith left owing to creative issues. Thus, his responsibility as a drummer got added to that of Grohl. Before the release of this second album, Taylor Hawkins joined the band as a replacement for William Goldsmith. Hawkins used to be a drummer for Alanis Morissette.

Representing Foo Fighters’ first album as a group, The Colour and the Shape  came out  in 1997 as their second album. After it’s completion, Pat Smear left the group. Guitarist Franz Stahl was his replacement, although he (Stahl) didn’t stay in the band for long. Throughout the 2000s, Foo Fighters released some other albums, some of which were big hits. Wasting Light was one of these successful albums, which was issued in 2011 and won 4 Grammy Awards for the band.

As a form of appreciation to their lovers as well as a tribute to Paris terror attacks’ victims, Foo Fighters did an EP (extended play record) titled the Saint Cecilia in late 2015. The song featured Ben Kweller as well as Gary Clark Jr. After this, the group took a break indefinitely and did not do any production till 2017. In that year, they did a single entitled Run.