This is among the most controversial and influential bands in the 60s. It was formed in 1965 in LA by four films students at UCLA —Jim Morrison (vocals), Ray Manzarek (keyboards), Robby Krieger (guitarist) and John Densmore (drummer).  The band’s sound was dominated by the sonorous and deep voice of Morrison as well as the electric organ work of Manzarek; thus, they did not invite a bassist.

In 1966, the Doors entered into a contract with Elektra Records. Then, they launched their debut album, The Doors, the following year which featured the hit song, Light My Fire. Just like the song, the album was a huge success. However, by the time they released their third album, they didn’t have a much deep reservoir of compositions left. This made them release songs they were of less quality in comparison to their earlier work.

This band explored the brass sections in the album, The Soft Parade, and got mixed outcomes. Without substantial merit, the Doors was accused by the majority of the rock underground as sell-outs of pop. Reacting to these accusations, the band launched its last two albums whose recordings made in collaboration with Morrison.

From the outset, the focus of the group was the charming Morrison that became more unstable over the brief career of the Doors. He was arrested in 1969 for indecent exposure when a concert was ongoing in Miami. This event derailed the doors. Nonetheless, they tried to release a litany of great albums as well as singles through 1971. Then, when the album, L.A. Woman became completed, Jim Morrison relocated to Paris, where he died from an overdose of a drug.

The remaining members of the band that were left carried on in his demise. However, they later split. Still, the music of this band, along with the legend of Jim Morrison, kept serving as a delight for several generations of lovers of rock music. Director Oliver Stone, in 1991, produced The Doors. This was a feature movie about the band and starred Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison.

Krieger, Manzarek, and Densmore — who were the surviving group members —became engaged in different musical events over the ten-year period in the wake of the death of Morrison. However, they couldn’t experience successes the likes of which they had with the Doors initially.

In the 2000s, the duo of Krieger and Manzarek performed under the name, Doors of the 21st Century. In the show, the vocals were executed by Ian Astbury, a singer from the Cult. This incident led to a court case, in which the third member, Densmore, filed a lawsuit against the other two members over their use of the band’s name in the performance.

In May 2013 at the age of 74, Manzarek died in Germany following his battle with cancer of the bile duct. In early 2016, both Densmore and Krieger had a reunion as a tribute to Ray Manzarek. The event was held as a concert calledStand Up to Cancer. In that same year, old live tapes of the band got released as London Fog 1988. In the early part of last year, the group (what was of the left of it) had their 50th-anniversary celebration, commemorating the event with deluxe re-issues of their first album as well as Strange Days, in addition to a new composition known as Singles.