Chris Cornell, a powerful voice that is no longer amongst us

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The vocalist of two of the best Grunge bands that have existed Audioslave and Soundgarden, and owner of one of the most beautiful voices of Rock n` Rock; He was a Baritone with a high rank, able to reach very high notes and at the same time sing as if he were a roaring lion. In its beginnings his style was more towards that of Sex Pistols, AC / DC and The Ramones; Then he founded Soundgarden where he was a drummer and vocalist at the same time. His childhood was marked by the divorce of his parents,so from a young age he suffered from depression; he used the drums and the guitar to vent.

Chris Cornell
Chris Cornell

Cornell’s projects

Songs like Spoonman and Black Hole Sun were published on the album Superunknown. While promoting this album, he forced his voice that the band had to cancel several of their concerts; but Chris saw it as an opportunity to make good music with Alice Cooper writing a song together. In 1997 the band would come to an end, but Cornell was known worldwide for his amazing and unique way of singing.

Chris Cornell’s solo career

After working on various projects with other bands, Chris Cornell released his first solo album; Euphoria Morning is a sad and melancholic album created as a tribute to the death of one of his best friends. After putting it out, he took the opportunity to create a new group; the vocalist of Rage Against the Machine resigned and they called Cornell to replace him, he accepted with the condition of changing the name of the band which happened for a time to be Civilian, until finally settling for Audioslave.

Chris Cornell’s solo career
Chris Cornell’s solo career


With Audioslave, Chris Cornell increased his fame, his lyrics were based on melancholy, love, spirituality, existentialism and pleasure, each of them based on his experiences as well; unlike the previous -very political- music by Rage Against the Machine. This new band created legendary songs like Coshine, Show Me How To Live, I am the Highway, and Like a Stone, in this last one Chris captivated us with all his vocal power.

Chris Cornell’s emotional thoughts and ideas

Chris found his refuge in music, he said “I try to think of pain as a scream.”. His vocalization came from his chest, had a monstrous versatility and showed great depth. Its vocal extension was of little more than 3 and a half, also it had a rank that went from Do # 2 to La5. Definitely his voice was a privileged something as a blessing for all lovers of good music. On May 17, 2017 his depression turned off his voice forever, he was found dead in a hotel bathroom at the age of 52; leaving a very large void, one of the pioneers of Grunge had suddenly taken his life. Many tributes were made to remember Chris Cornell, Bands like Linkin Park, Metallica, Megadeath, U2, Guns n` Roses among many more played Chris songs. Undoubtedly the most beautiful voice of Rock and Roll was his, we only have to remember it and try to keep it alive by taking it to future generations; as says in his epitaph: “Voice of our generation and an artist for all times”.

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