The rock music managed to change our history and shape our culture ever since it was born sometimes at the end of the 50s. Many people consider that it emerged from country and western music and it also incorporated many elements from other music genres. What is particular to this music genre is that every single member of the band is equally important for the overall quality of the music. The special thing about it is that the focus usually falls on the instruments and not on the vocalist. Let’s have a look at the essential music instruments in a rock band and why they are so essential.


The electric guitar is usually the music instrument that is most commonly associated with the rock music. The difference between it and the classic guitar is that it has a solid body and needs an amp for the effect. The overall sound is a bit more rugged and the pallet of sounds and pitches that can be reached with it is wider than with the classic guitar. The stage effect is also bigger because it can be used in all sorts of tricks and this is one of the reasons why it is so important.

The bass guitar is another important element for the rock feeling. The sound goes lower than the music guitar and the mixture between these two is extremely important. It is considered that without an electric and a bass guitar, there can be no rock band. There are many segments in a rock song that has solo guitar moments in which these two complement each other beautifully. The bass guitar players usually managed to make history in the music world with amazing solos and performances.


Drums are another essential instrument because they are the ones giving the beat. The difference in pace is usually dictated by the drummer and this is why there are also many solo drum segments in many popular rock songs. The effects and pace are amazing, and the drum player is usually one of the most important players in a rock band. The styles of playing the drums can make the difference between and amazing and an average rock band.


The piano or the keyboard is usually the most fun instrument to play in a band. The sounds made by it are essential for many rock sub-genres and this is why it is considered vital for the quality of the sound. The electric keyboard has an amazing versatility that can transform the songs in a blink of an eye. The keyboard players are considered the equivalent of the music producer because they can alter many sounds for the overall quality of the song.

Not a true instrument, amps are still extremely important because they are the ones making the sound from the electric guitar and bass. The quality of the amp can make a huge difference, and this is why this is usually the first big investment of a starting rock band.