Interesting Facts About Julian Casablancas

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You do not have to be an obsessive fan to notice that Julian Casablancas is not very interested in The Strokes nowadays. The New Yorker released his second album with The Voidz, “Virtue”, on March 30 in 2018, his most confrontational parallel project.

Julian Casablancas
Julian Casablancas

Julian gets defensive every time they ask him about the band that made him a household name, he’s explained a few times that, in the past, cult acts such as Ariel Pink will be the most listened 40n years from now¡ even though they aren’t known today. Hinting perhaps at the fact that he’d rather work on more obscure projects. David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix are his examples to support his thesis. This caused some confusion in journalists and some other musicians, who’ve pointed out that Hendrix and Bowie had considerable commercial success in their respective eras, but Casablancas keeps ignoring it.

His disagreement with some comparisons

Casablancas has said that everyone knows David Bowie now, but that in the 70s he was quite underground. He fails to mention that Bowie had 10 albums in the Top 10 of the best sellers in Britain during that time, and also ranked 4 in the United States, during that time. Julian also said that people do not realize that it took years to get the acclamation they have today for Jimi Hendrix, challenging them to look at the best-seller lists to realize that he was not there. A reporter once replied that Hendrix was for sure popular in his era. Casablancas then told him to not say that in retrospect, and the interviewer reminded him that “Electric Ladyland” was in fact number 1 of the Billboard and that Hendrix closed Woodstock in one of the most massive shows in history, Casablancas response was only an “OK”.

A few things your maybe do not know about him

He hated the school he was sent to in Switzerland, he felt very lonely. The first time Julian drank, he was 11 at a family party, drinking from almost empty bottles (that was his first time drunk). He speaks English, Spanish and Danish.

A few things your maybe do not know about him
A few things your maybe do not know about him

All The Strokes members met in different schools, Casablancas and Nikolai Fraiture, the bassist of The Strokes, have known each other since they went to kindergarten, while he coincided with the guitarist Hammond Jr. in the Swiss boarding school in which they both studied. When he returned to New York, he entered the Dwight School in Manhattan, where he met Fabrizio Moretti and Nick Valensi. Also, Casablancas started writing songs at age 14.

Julian and The Strokes

His explanation of why it costs him so much to work with The Strokes is kind of fascinating, and somewhat insulting at the same time. He’s used a strange analogy with Natalie Portman, saying that he just saw “Annihilation” and he was talking to a friend about how Natalie Portman is in the “Thor” movies too, he added that it was interesting for him, as she blew his mind in “Annihilation”. He thinks that she does some things for passion and other stuff to pay the bills. Meaning, his passion is in his Annihilation like projects, while The Strokes is just another blockbuster?

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