This British rock band formed in London back in the year 1965 and they created a strong path for the progressive and psychedelic rock genre that quickly followed their success. The band was first brought together by Syd Barret, Nick Mason, Roger Waters and Richard Wright. They named themselves after two jazz musician greats that were idolized by Barrett. David Gilmour, a guitarist joined the group after they released their debut album that was titled “The Piper at the Gate of Dawn”. They have seen great success over the years but not without challenges.

Unfortunately, despite the huge success recorded by these group under the leadership of Barrett, they decided to break out from him during his mental health challenge in 1968, a break out that produced Waters as the new leader, who took over as the main lyricists. In 1973, the band released a song “Dark Side of the Moon”, a song that became one of the best-selling and historical song in the history of rock music, this of course brought the band to the mainstream. Another song titled “Wish You Were Here” a song that was made as a tribute to Barrett, and another one titled “Animals” (a song inspired by the famous book “Animal Farm”) were released in the year 1975 and 197 respectively. As time goes on, trouble began to break in from the band as a result of Waters being a control freak, which made him fired Wright in the process of making their rock opera album which talked about how Waters felt frustrated. The album titled “The Wall” released in 1979 was a best-selling double album ever. This album includes songs like “Another Brick in the Wall”, “Comfort Ability Numb”, etc. in 1983, when the band released a song titled “The Final Cut” which was not well accepted by the people, Waters decided to call it quit and dissolved the band. After this, the duo of Gilmour and Mason, in collaboration with Wright, opted to make more albums in a bid not to allow Pink Floyd to die, although this was against the law suit filed by Waters, but these kept Floyd alive up till they decided to change the name to “Hiatus” in 1996, after a tour in 1994 that produces the song “The Division Bell”.

In 2005, the quartet managed to make amends and reunited for a one-time final gig, where they performed five songs at the live 8 concert that was held at Hyde Park. In 2006 and 2008, Barrett and Wright died respectively, but the legacy left by Pink Floyd remains alive as either Gilmour or Waters goes ahead in doing solo projects, featuring most of their old songs, such as “The Endless River”.

Here are some of the facts that you may not know about the Pink Floyd band:

  • Before David Gilmour joined the band as the guitarist, Syd Barrett and Bob Klose as holding the position.
  • Roger Water, the man who took over as the lead lyricist also joined the band as a guitarist.