After listening over and over again to the same songs in our iPod or computer, we come to realize we want more music to satisfy our ears. It’s not that the songs aren’t cool.

It’s that we’ve listened to the same voice and lyrics so many times that it can feel like we’re keeping ourselves locked in a musical jail. We are constantly looking out for the best sounds, but we also do not like all the industry has to offer nowadays, which ends up in making us forget about new music and recycle the best of the last 30 years of rock, an era of amazing masterpieces to keep in mind.

Freya – The Sword

The Sword is a rock band that has influences from bands from the 70’s, like Black Sabbath or even Led Zeppelin. Their lyrics are mostly about Nordic mythology, such as the song “Freya”, and artists of fantasy literature such as H. P. Lovecraft or George R. R. Martin. They are from Texas and the band was created in Austin in 2003. Their leader is the singer and guitarist John D. Cronise, who also loves to read comics and listens Black Sabbath and Led Zeppeling.One of their most famous songs is “Freya”, a track from the album Age of Winters, it was written by the The Sword and produced by Cronise, thereafter, it was used for a debut in 2006. It’s such an iconic song that it was included in Guitar Hero 2. If you want to feel like a rebel, driving with with dark glasses on, a jean jacket and white long hair, The Sword is what you are looking for, it will cheer you up and make you  feel like a god demanding more hard rock.

Rush, an amazing band split in 2018

Rush has something in common with The Sword: they also have a song in Guitar Hero 2, called “YYZ”, but something they do not share, is the fact that Rush is no longer together. During an interview for The Globe and Mail, the guitarist from the Canadian band Rush, Alex Lifeson, said “basically we’re done, after 41 years, it was enough, it’s been two years since we made our last tour, we have no plans to do it again. We finished, it was enough”. Their last concert was in 2015 and their talented drummer, Neil Peart, said he was also retiring from playing the drums altogether, as he started to suffer severe chronic tendonitis. The future of the band is still uncertain, but Indie music lovers are big fans of Rush, as most of their tracks are influenced by different rock styles but with a hard to decode original sound. For some fans, there is still hope that they will eventually reunite, but sadly, as Lifeson said, that still wouldn’t mean a comeback for Rush, as 41 years in the band has been more than enough for them.