Surely you haven’t been around the Indie Rock scene in Latin America for a long time, increasingly prolific thanks to both established and emerging artists. So for your very own playlist, we wanted to compile some of those wonderful songs that will surely have you hooked.


Lo Que Quieras (Chile). Milton Mahan and Mariana Montenegro give life to this electro-pop duo from San Felipe that already has four discs on the market. Denver has a strong connection with Spanish music and has made covers for Spanish artists like El Columpio Asesino and Mecano.


Baila (Colombia). Esteban Mateus is the visible face of this vibrant pop project that was born in 2009. His infallible melodies, his ironic lyrics, the plastic sounds of the synthesizer and a resounding percussion shape his music. Listen to his ‘Baila’ and tell us if it is not a true wonder.

La Vida Bohéme

Você (Venezuela). Independent Rock full of sonorities, unpredictable rhythms and lyrics with a message. This is La Vida Bohème, a quartet that already has three albums published. From their latest one, ‘La Lucha’, highlights this single.

Bomba Estéreo

Somos dos (Colombia). Magic is a word that describes the electro-cumbia pop of this Colombian band whose latest work is the award-winning ‘Amanecer’. From this album, ‘Somos dos’ has been extracted, one of his best songs so far.

El Mató a un Policía Motorizado

Mas o Menos Bien (Argentina). EMAUPM is an Indie Rock band from La Plata that has great parallels with the music style of Los Planetas. EMAUPM’s latest work is an EP entitled ‘Violencia’ dating from 2015. They are about to release their new album and while that happens, we are left with one of their most genius songs.


Palmar (Mexico). Any song by this Mexican singer and composer would be a delicious indie pop treat to your ears. His musical style transits between folk and reggae and is able to transport us to a warm, idyllic, unusual world. Listen to Palmar ft. Mon Laferte, for a delight.

Cansei de Ser Sexy

Hits Me Like A Rock (Brazil). CSS is one of the most famous and international known Indie bands in Brazil. They have been having fun since 2003. Years later they made a great leap with songs like ‘Let’s Make Love’ and ‘Listen to Death From Above’ or ‘Music is my Hot, Hot Sex’. Their synth-pop punk is contagious.


Colombo (Chile). Santiago de Chile has the origin of this energetic band capable of creating, adapting and reinventing its sound with each new album. Their music, edgy and electric, was shown in two studio albums. Although in 2016 they announced their separation, the fans hope to see them together again. Maybe ‘Panda’ is their most famous song but the playful sounds of ‘Colombo’ make it unique.


Requiem (Peru). A band that shows that Peruvian Indie Rock is alive and well. Formed back in 2011 by Rui Pereira, a publicist who left his day job to devote himself to music has already signed a couple of albums. ‘Requiem’ is one of his most loved songs.

Natalia Lafourcade

Tú sí Sabes Quererme (Mexico). The muse of Mexican Indie Pop, the multi-award-winning Natalia Lafourcade is backed by a handful of hits contained in the six albums she has published to date. We remember with affection ‘Hasta la Raíz’ but now she has released ‘Tú sí Sabes Quererme’, is a song with clear Latin American folkloric tradition and that advances its new work of study.