Are you a fan of Canadian musicians, there are of course some great musicians that have come from the cold country to the north. If you are a true fan of Canadian music then you need to know about these great musicians. Canada, one of the most popular countries in the entire world have a renowned music industry, producing the all-time greatest song and musician every year. Whether you are looking for the best English musician, you’ll find most of them are from Canada. In most cases, we listen to the music and don’t even know his name. So how do you know which musician is performing the song from which album? Well, we have made a list of the greatest and the most popular male musicians from Canada, find the best one for you.


He is one of the greatest musicians, rapper, recording artist, songwriter, and an actor. If you still not understand who he is, you have to know. Aubrey Drake Graham (born October 24, 1986), born in Toronto first appeared as Jimmy Brooks on the television series “Degrassi: The Next Generation”. Drake, Grammy-Award winning, platinum-selling recording artist and multi-faceted entertainer has become popular for its unique rapping style in Canada. His best-selling album Take Care released in 2011.

The Weekend

The Weekend, we all know about one of the greatest musicians from Canada, but don’t know much about Abel Tesfaye. He is Weekend and Weekend is himself. Abel Tesfaye, hailed from Scarborough in Ontario become popular after realizing some videos to social media i.e., YouTube under the name of Weekend. He is a recording musician and record producer, got the popularity after his friend Drake tweeted for him.

Bryan Adams

Don’t you listen to the famous song “Summer of 69”? If your answer is “NO”, I won’t believe at all. It’s one of the greatest English songs of all-time. The greatest musician, Bryan Adams from Canada was born in Kingston, is one of the most successful musicians of rock from the last three decades. He is not only a musician, he is also a songwriter, producer, singer, actor, social activist, and a great photographer. His famous album, Reckless released in the year 1884, had broken the record of that time.

Justin Bieber

The teenage sensation, Justin Bieber was born in London, Ontario is a god-gifted musician from Canada. He was nothing before his current manager once saw his YouTube video in 2007. Scooter Brown first discovered him and spread out his talent to the world. After “Baby Baby”, one of the trending songs of the last 10 years has brought out a revolution to change the lifestyle of Justine Drew Bieber. Now he’s trying to build up his career as a rapper in the Canadian music industry. His most popular album “Purpose” got released on November 13, 2015.

Regardless of if you are a music freak, collect the given information of the greatest male musicians from Canada. Listen to them, make a list of the albums you want to listen one after another and pass an entertaining leisure time.