Ever since the dawn of humanity we have always loved music. We first produced it using our voices and the most primitive music instruments. The past decade has been one of the most interesting when it comes to the diversity of the music styles. We see more and more people creating new music styles and genres for our entertainment and fun. The old battle is between two music styles that definitely shaped our world and culture. Rock music is considered to be created sometimes at the end of the 50s and pop music later came on the stage, having a blast during the 80s.

We see that these two genres are some of the most resistant music styles that still manage to entertain us. But while they are the superstars, what is really the difference between them?

The Origins

First of all, let’s talk about their origin. Many people think that pop music evolved from rock&roll and that it can be consider a softer version of it. Rock music is thought of to be the baby of the western and country music, having also many elements from the rock&roll music. The two genres were somehow similar in the beginning, but things definitely changed over time.


The target audience is also different. The rock music is considered to be one of the most popular music genres because the target is very diverse. We can see teenagers and seniors listening to rock music while the pop genre is usually targeting the younger audience. Pop music tends to be a bit more commercial than rock in order to target as many people as possible. Many argue that “pop” actually comes from the word “popularity” that sometimes best describes this genre.


The themes approached in the songs are very different. Pop music is usually a very happy and vibrant genre that is perfect for a party. The themes usually describe love stories with their ups and down and many other things that are related to love. Rock music covers a very wide range of themes. The special thing about rock music is that it has a multitude of sub-genres that makes it a very complex music genre. The themes of the songs are very diverse and also the total length of a rock song is bigger than a pop one.

Pop music is usually all about the singer and the main vocal of the band. The rock music usually focuses on the instruments and this is why the popularity of the band members is quite equal in the rock community. Pop is a music genre that can be done by a single person while rock can be considered a team work. The back musicians in pop music are often not mentioned, the beat is also extremely different. Pop usually has a dance beat while rock covers a larger pallet of beats and rhythms. The two music genres will continue to battle each other for the title of music king.